You may be wondering why everyone says to turn to an epoxy garage floor? Well, the experts at Florida Epoxy are here to explain why auto repair shops love this choice so much! When it comes to the best garage floor coating, epoxy is the way to go. You can count on our epoxy garage floor installers to provide you with all the information you will need! 


Your Shop Will Thank You!

Vehicle maintenance areas, such as mechanic shops and auto body shops, have some intense requirements when it comes to their flooring. There is a range of different facilities that require garage flooring, including dealership maintenance areas, independent commercial repair garages, vehicle maintenance chains, and franchises, governmental and corporate fleet facilities, and many others. Along with helping to increase the life of the slab, thereby benefiting the organization’s bottom line, the requirements for these floors are in place to help ensure that the workers and patrons of these facilities are in as safe an environment as possible. In addition to slip-resistance and chemical resistance, these floors should be highly durable and great looking.


Why Does Everyone Want the Best Garage Floor Coating? 

Epoxy flooring systems are tough wearing, durable floor solutions with a life cycle of 25 years or more. Superior bonded strength makes epoxy flooring ideal for the automotive industry. Epoxy coatings repel liquids, oils, and grease while withstanding frequent traffic from vehicles without stain or scuff. Whether it’s a showroom or a garage, your floors will withstand heavy vehicle traffic. Do note, while stained concrete is a good aesthetic for showrooms, auto repair shops benefit more from installing epoxy flooring which repels stains and moisture completely (stained concrete is not impenetrable by oils and liquid even if covered with a protective coating).


They also are very efficient. Efficiency and longevity mean that epoxy is better suited to meet the demands of the auto industry and more cost-effective than other flooring types, especially when considering its lifetime is, typically, significantly longer. Its impressive physical attributes make a better impression than dull, gray, or dirty concrete, making your products even more alluring further impacting your profit margins.


Epoxy floor systems have become the standard for automotive retail, repair, and service facilities due to their durability and unparalleled strength. Resinous coatings provide significantly greater impact resistance than any other flooring system, including concrete. Mechanical and body shops have all manner of oil, paint, grease, fluid, metal, and dirt debris that mar the floor. But, because the non-porous epoxy resin is a stain, scuff, scratch resistant, heat resistant, and moisture resistant, these common messes clean easily. Simply put, it’s highly durable, efficient to clean and maintain. Costs of repair, maintenance, and replacement are much lower than comparable flooring installations. Epoxy resin coatings also offer customization for safety considerations with various types of slip-resistance which keeps employees and customers safe on slick areas.


Call Our Epoxy Garage Floor Installers

Get the best garage floor coating with us! Our team works with a wide range of people such as architects, building owners, and contractors to ensure that we provide the right solution for your specific project. Whether you want an aesthetically pleasing new epoxy resin floor for your commercial building, a functional floor for your industrial warehouse, or a clean and shiny floor for your business, we’re here to help. Call Florida Epoxy today at (954) 302-2247 to discuss your project today. Our epoxy garage floor installers are always serving Broward County & Palm Beach County.


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