Epoxy floor coatings are used by builders whenever there is a need for a high-performance flooring solution. Epoxy floors have a large amount of characteristics that make them excellent choices in a large range of commercial applications. Applications of epoxy flooring in commercial buildings are almost limitless, which is why commercial epoxy flooring is such a commonly found choice. Read on to learn more about the uses for epoxy floors as a flooring solution and the ways that they are commonly applied. Florida Epoxy is a top provider of commercial flooring in Palm Beach County. Call Florida Epoxy today for your epoxy flooring needs!


How Epoxy Floor Coating Can Be Used


There are many common usages for epoxy floor coating. Besides being one of the strongest types of floor coating that you can purchase on the market, epoxy flooring has other great properties that remain in high demand by builders and owners of developments. One such common use is in lobbies and store display floors. Epoxy flooring is able to add to the professionalism of any space through improving its aesthetic and functionality. Our commercial epoxy flooring comes in a large range of all your standard colors as well as unique ones, and you can also have our highly trained professionals help you mix custom colors if you are looking for something special. A popular look for epoxy flooring that we often get requested for here at Florida Epoxy is floor coatings with decorative chips incorporated into the finish. One major benefit of getting epoxy floors for your lobby or store floor is that they tend to have a high-gloss surface, which can assist in increasing the brightness in a space by up to 200 percent! Florida epoxy also offers one of the strongest coatings that you are able to purchase for concrete surfaces, as it resists abuse from industrial applications. This means that epoxy floors are a great choice for factory floors, warehouses, garage floors, hallways, and covered porches. A floor that has an epoxy coating is able to withstand heavy traffic and doesn’t need regular maintenance except for routine sweeping and/or mopping. Moreover, epoxy flooring is resistant to a large variety of substances such as water, oil, gasoline, transmission fluid, bleach, cleaners, and many other chemicals that may be found in an industrial setting.


Epoxy Commercial Flooring


Epoxy floors are also unique in that they are resistant to bacteria and germs, making them a great choice for hospitals, cafeterias, and restrooms. Using epoxy coatings on the floors in these areas where cleanliness is critical is a common application since the floors are able to be sanitized easily. Not only are epoxy floors easy to keep clean and sanitary, but can also be used in spaces with high safety and environmental standards. Epoxy floor coating provides many safety and environmental standards and will protect your concrete floors while providing exceptional durability and easy maintenance. 


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