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Your kitchen can only be declared complete when it carries the right type of floor. Since you will spend quality time in this room when preparing food, you need floors that can withstand heavy usage.

As you explore around Broward County, you will notice how many restaurants are located in this area. This highlights how important food is to the resident. Every home you see features quality standard kitchens that make your home more beautiful. 

At Florida Epoxy, we are experts at helping you get the best floor in your home. As a top-class commercial kitchen flooring West Palm Beach, we have all it takes to keep your kitchen in top condition. Let’s explore why you should consider using our top-class services.


Why Invest in Kitchen Flooring and Why you Need the Best Commercial Kitchen flooring (West Palm Beach)

Investing in a quality built kitchen is essential if your kitchen will live up to the standard of a world-class kitchen. If you run a public restaurant, you can get into trouble for having a broken or dirty floor.

The type of kitchen in your home also affects the quality of food prepared in the kitchen. As such, investing in a quality kitchen that is safe and healthy is key. Kitchens that are easy to clean can make your restaurant stand out. As such, you need the best commercial kitchen flooring.

There are legal bodies that frown at restaurants with dirty or untidy kitchens. If they inspect your kitchen and find the floor in poor condition, this can lead to serious sanctioning.

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What service do we offer at Florida Epoxy?

Whenever you need quality flooring in your home or commercial property, Florida Epoxy should pop into your mind. Our years of experience in fixing all types of Epoxy floor makes us the best option for your commercial property.

We have the needed skills and resources to produce a top-quality floor that makes your kitchen more beautiful. We deliver in a quick time frame and use only the best materials. We offer a two year warranty on most of our completed projects, this assures you of the top-notch service we deliver. 

We are a certified industry with manufacturers like Euclid, Tennant, Polysec, Polymeric, Flowcrete, Key Resin, Koster, and General Polymers. This assures you of the quality we deliver. 

Our flooring options include acrylic, epoxy, and polyurethane. Our tasks involve constructing the floor, coating the floor, and sealing the floors. Even if you have a tile or concrete floor before, we have tools to help you work and replace the floors.


What are our floors used for?

Are you wondering why you should try our commercial kitchen flooring? Focus on the following benefits. 

  • Our floors are perfect for cutting or grinding meat
  • The floor is suitable for deboning
  • Suitable for keeping your equipment without them sliding
  • Floors are perfect for pickling, bottling, canning, and other essential kitchen services
  • Three floors are highly resistant to chemicals; this makes cleaning easier. 

These, coupled with the beautiful and aesthetic look, make our floor the best option for your kitchen.


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So, if you have a restaurant in Broward County, you can trust us at Florida Epoxy to help you deliver the best type of Commercial Kitchen flooring West Palm Beach. We use high-quality materials that will last for an extended period. Learn more here

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