Concrete finishing is the final touch received by a flooring construction to protect and reinforce it against daily traffic and the influence of external environmental conditions. The work is done by the expert constructor to additionally provide an appealing aesthetical exterior to the concrete flooring solution, commonly used in outdoor premises. Keeping clean and preserved, the installation requires serious maintenance considerations better executed by the specialized concrete restoration contractors. Florida Epoxy is a leading brand of provider in the field, that’s been doing a remarkable job at Palm Beach County, serving several industries with their knowledge of coating and sealers application for different types of surfaces, such as concrete. So, if you want to know about the cleaning and restoration of concrete floorings, you better listen to what they have to say on the matter. 


Why Choosing Concrete Flooring Is a Good Idea for the Outdoors?

When it comes to choosing a flooring type for an outdoor space, there are plenty of choices to consider, wood decking, ceramic tiles, brick, and of course, concrete.


Choosing concrete is a versatile yet natural decision-making solution of positive functionality in certain areas of the house. The coveted surface offers:

  • Durability and high resistance to external elements through time.
  • Lower cleaning and maintenance costs when compared to other flooring alternatives.
  • Environmentally safety.
  • Stylish and trendy when properly finished


If you are debating what is the best flooring for your patio, know concrete is a reasonably decent choice you can live happily with.


Tips to Clean New Floorings Built with a Concrete Finishing

The finishing of a brand new concrete flooring is meant to have a shiny and bright look that would surely contrast the classic robust and hard image you have of the material.


Maintaining the conditions of the new flooring requires a manageable amount of dedication to preserving the aesthetics and integrity of the finishing, practicing various activities.

  • Sweeping the floor to remove accumulated debris.
  • Mopping the concrete flooring, once swept. For this is a DIY job you need to prepare a mixture of water and detergent (soap, bleach, or other chemicals). 
  • Adding a chemical buffer layer to sustain the beautiful shiny look.
  • Avoiding spillings. If, by accident, it occurs, clean the floor quickly,  especially if the material is of oily and greasy.


Florida Epoxy surely will recommend the chemicals you can use to get the best results and maintain the flooring shining.


Tips to Restore Concrete Flooring

With aged concrete flooring, the best advice to follow is finding a pool of specialized concrete restoration contractors and hiring the most suitable one, according to your standards and budget.

In Palm Beach County, you can always contact Florida Epoxy and use it as a bridge to unify contractors, builders, architects, and providers to get your flooring restored with a practical and cost-effective solution.  


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