As a business owner, have you thought about the interior of your building? While it may seem simple at first glance, there are many complex decisions that must be made to best compliment the products or services you’re offering. One such thing is the flooring of your building. If it sounds overwhelming, then don’t worry. Florida Epoxy in Miami is here to share with you why concrete floor coatings are the way to go. When residents of Palm Beach County need epoxy floor coating, they trust us to get the job done, and you can too.


Why You Can Trust Us

For years, we’ve been in the epoxy floor coating business to help residents and business owners of the Miami and Palm Beach areas install and finish their floors. We got into the market but what we are passionate about is doing a 5-star job at a reasonable cost. When it comes to getting work done on your home or business establishment, we recognize that you need it all: quality, cost, efficiency, and looks. That is what we aim to deliver on with every client. For these reasons, you should trust us with your floor epoxy needs.


Why You Should Choose Concrete Floor Coatings

Epoxy floors are a fantastic choice for your business for many different reasons.

  • Aesthetics
    • One of the major factors for many people when choosing a flooring is one that looks good. With epoxy flooring, you get a vibrant, elegant look that can add a layer of sophistication to the space–perfect for any business, especially with the varied customization options. Additionally, these floors are highly resistant to stains and dirt leaving them looking cleaner for a much longer period of time.
  • Cost
    • If you didn’t know any better, you might assume epoxy floors are more expensive based on their luxurious appearance, but this isn’t the case. In fact, epoxy flooring is quite affordable. This is because you can augment your existing floors with a coating of epoxy. This is much cheaper than removing your old flooring to replace it with something new.
  • Durability and Resistance
    • A business space is one of high-traffic on a daily basis, so a durable floor that will stand against that traffic is a must.This is exactly what you get with an epoxy floor, and to add more value on top, it’s also very resistant to liquids and heat.
  • Color Options
    • When deciding on epoxy flooring, there are many color options to choose from. This makes complimenting the business space you already have a breeze with no unnecessary amount of struggle. It also means you have the opportunity to add components of color theory to your flooring, which can open up a space, add more light, and/or make a bold statement.
  • Great for Room Lighting
    • Epoxy floors are highly reflective. This compliments the lighting of the space while also making rooms feel more spacious and open. They make it very easy to fill a space with light, including extending the reach of natural light by reflecting it more into the room.


Contact Us for Epoxy Floor Coating Near You

Concrete floor coatings are the way to go for an elegant and beautiful business space. If this sounds exactly like what you need for your business, and you are located around the Palm Beach county, then Florida Epoxy is for you. Just contact us to help set up the best time for you to get your concrete floors completed with as much ease as possible.

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