Concrete flooring is a highly versatile flooring option, and isn’t just for industrial facilities, factories, and home improvement stores like some people may think. Concrete floors, when properly polished, take on a glass-like appearance that not only looks gorgeous, but also holds up to things such as foot traffic- even stilettos and pet claws! Thanks to its unique durability and aesthetic appeal, polished concrete flooring might be the perfect kind of flooring for your apartment complex. Read on to learn more about how concrete floors may be the right choice for your apartment complex. Florida Epoxy provides epoxy flooring in the Palm Beach County area. Call Floria Epoxy at our Miami headquarters for your commercial epoxy floor installation today!


Where To Install Concrete Flooring


First of all, when we are talking about concrete flooring, it’s not just concrete flooring as a slab. When we talk about concrete floors, we specifically mean polished concrete floors. If you’ve ever been in a building or warehouse with an unpolished concrete floor, it can develop a layer of dust that not only makes the floor look dirty, but can contaminate everything around it. Polished concrete makes the floor better for living environments such as apartment houses. While polished concrete is a fantastic flooring option, it doesn’t mean that it’s necessarily the right choice for every specific area of your apartment community. Here are some of the best places to install polished concrete floors:

  • Patios- If you’re trying to upgrade the basic concrete slabs that serve as patios for your first-floor residents, then concrete polish is a perfect solution.
  • Community hallways- Apartment hallways are one of the areas that can take a proper beating. Picture all of the constant foot traffic in apartment hallways from residents and the additional traffic from tenants that move in or out. A polished concrete floor would not only hold up to regular foot traffic and function a lot better than carpet would be for with wheeled equipment that’s loaded up with furniture and moving boxes. 


Commercial Epoxy Floor Pairs Perfectly With Concrete


  • Apartment entryways and dining areas- If you’re going to install polished concrete flooring in the hallways of your apartment buildings, then you probably may want to install it in specific areas of the apartment homes. Entryways are a great place to install polished concrete. If the dining area of the apartment is adjacent to the entryway, then what your most economical decision may be is to put in polished concrete floors there as well. The biggest benefit of polished concrete is that it is extremely simple to clean. However, it is key that these concrete floors are being cleaned on a regular basis. If you’re worried that concrete may be too heavy for multi-story buildings, don’t be concerned; as long as the building is engineered and built with concrete flooring in mind, the structure will definitely be able to support it.


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Concrete flooring is a great option for certain areas of apartment complexes. Florida Epoxy provides epoxy flooring for Palm Beach County and its surrounding areas. Call Florida Epoxy at our Miami headquarters for your commercial epoxy floor today!

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