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Florida Epoxy Has High-Quality Polished Concrete Floors

When deciding on the flooring that best suits your business or other commercial properties, there’s a lot to consider. You want something that will hold up and last, but you might not have the money to go all out. Located in Miami, Florida Epoxy has been serving counties all over Florida including Palm Beach County since 2006. We’re an experienced team that has worked with a variety of different floorings, and based on the information above, we believe polished concrete floors might just be the perfect fit for you. We’ve handled projects of varying sizes and all kinds of situations. We know what we’re talking about, and below we’d like to share with you the benefits of concrete and why you should trust us. Whether you’re looking for concrete flooring, an Epoxy flooring cost, or shot blasting we have you covered.

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Why a Polished Concrete Floor?

A polished concrete floor is perfect for any business or building that expects light to medium use. What this means is buildings like offices, retail spaces or anywhere else you will mostly only expect people walking on foot as opposed to somewhere with heavy machinery or large loads being moved often. That said, polished concrete is extremely durable and may only need servicing every ten years or so. So not only will you save money on maintenance costs, but it is also incredibly easy and affordable to install.

You might be wondering though what makes polished concrete different from normal concrete? Well, first polished concrete starts out as normal concrete flooring that is grinded to remove imperfections. Then diamond polishing pads are used to polish the floor to make it smooth and strong. During this stage, you can even customize the sheen or how much light your floor will reflect. If you choose a high enough sheen you can also save a lot of money on lighting as our polished concrete has the ability to reflect up to a hundred percent. Additionally, the creation of polished concrete involves no harsh chemicals and there will be little to no toxins created during the process.

Get The Best Polished Concrete Floors From Florida Epoxy

Now that we’ve explained why polished concrete is the perfect flooring option for you, it’s time we explain why we’re the perfect people to provide you with it. First off, we as a company have been in this business since 2006 and many of our employees have been working in it for even longer than that. With many years of experience, we have seen just about everything. There’s hardly a situation we haven’t dealt with before and we have boatloads of creative solutions to get around them. Having been around this long, we’re also a company you can trust. Businesses that take short cuts and are dishonest with their customers don’t make it this long without gaining a bad reputation. We are dedicated to providing only the highest quality customer service and the most durable floors and coatings.

We’ve worked a lot of jobs in our time as a flooring company and we’ve come to specialize in providing flooring for commercial restaurant kitchens, food prep areas, service areas, warehouses, arenas, arcades, auto repair shops, auto dealerships, auto paint shops, art galleries, airplane hangars, jet hangars, manufacturing areas, parking decks, retail store showrooms, pharmaceutical industries, medical facilities, veterinary facilities, and kennels.
On top of our experience, we have over $500,000 worth of equipment. This includes diamond grinders, shot blasters, scarifyers, generators, and a large assortment of diamonds for grinding, polishing, and removing coatings. We believe that the best workers need the best equipment to do the best job and luckily for us, we’re on top of both. To prove our expertise, we’ve been certified with the following manufacturers Sika, General Polymers, Flowcrete, Koster, Euclid, BASF, Key Resin, Polymerica, Polyspec, and Tennant. Whether you’re interested in a concrete or an Epoxy flooring cost, we’re happy to provide you with affordable options and estimates.

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If you’re looking for the best polished concrete floors available in Palm Beach County, then call Florida Epoxy today. We’re located in Miami, but serve many different areas across Florida. If you like our concrete but are looking for other great flooring options then ask us about our Epoxy flooring cost. There’s no risk with our floors either as each flooring job we do typically comes with a two-year warranty. You can also purchase an extended warranty for an additional fee. If you’re looking for the best coating removal, concrete restoration, and coating installations in all of Florida give us a buzz today.

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