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Find Out How A Concrete Prep Fort Lauderdale Can Benefit You

Getting a replacement for your floor, especially in high traffic areas, is quite expensive. No matter how your floors are, either scuffed-up, cracked, or with missing pieces, there’s a much better alternative that won’t require breaking the bank. The answer is concrete prep. You can’t skip the process if you want to get great floor finishes. Florida Epoxy is at your service as the best concrete prep company in Miami. We are your best option for the best concrete prep Fort Lauderdale offers between excellent customer service and quality delivery, and we have years of experience and testimonies to back this.

Is Concrete Prep Fort Lauderdale Locals Love Necessary?

One common mistake people often make is to install epoxy without preparing the floor. Although it may give you a look you want, it’s likely to have potential issues as you use it. Nobody wants to have to redo a procedure after they have completed it, but if you skip concrete prep, that’s what you’ll experience. Your installation may not sit well or may break after a while. There are certain things that could cause the epoxy paint to not stick properly. If it sticks, it may be months before imperfections lead to bigger problems. At that point, you will have to start over since it will be too late to repair it.

Do You Need Epoxy Floor Coating In Broward County?

What Are The Steps Involved In Concrete Prep?

Concrete prep requires various steps and stages, and that’s why you need a professional’s services to do a clean job. 

  • Confirm if your floor is suitable for the installation of epoxy or not. Experts will check your epoxy floors for moisture, damages on the floor, paints or primers from previous applications, or other flaws on your concrete. 
  • Clean the floor after our professionals certify that your floor is safe, and you can go ahead with the installation. It’ll require using special cleaning agents that can eliminate all dirt and contaminants from your foundation. 
  • Floor profiling: Use a grinding machine to grind the concrete, so you have a rough concrete slab. The process aims to open pores so your material can stick properly to the bottom. 
  • Finally, fix all flaws or imperfections and defects in your concrete. It won’t disappear when you finish installing your floor, so it’s essential to resolve them when you get the opportunity. 

Why Choose Us?

Failure to prepare your concrete will result in peeled or detached floor installation. That’s why we advise you to go for a brand that is reliable and trustworthy. We offer floor evaluation, concrete prepping, floor cleaning, and installation services. At Florida Epoxy, we have made a name for ourselves in the heart of Miami residents such that they know better than to skip concrete prep in their installation. We’ll do it right at the first attempt; there’s no redoing. You get nothing short of your expectations.

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At Florida Epoxy, we use only standard equipment such as generators, shot blasters and diamond grinders, and diamonds for grinding and polishing. When you work with us, you are sure to get the best and most effective services in Miami. We make sure anybody can afford concrete prep Fort Lauderdale locals swear by with ease. We will be by your side to make sure the process is a smooth one. Our customers enjoy a two-year warranty and affordability. Call us or visit our office today.

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