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Do you have a high traffic area that is scuffed and damaged? Replacing your floors can cost a fortune and can affect your business. Whether your floors are cracked, scuffed-up, missing pieces, or more, a lower-cost alternative to replacing floors is getting an epoxy coating. Between our experience and customer satisfaction, Florida Epoxy has the epoxy coatings Fort Lauderdale swears by. Our Miami location has the best epoxy coatings in all of Boward County. Check us
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What is an Epoxy Coating?

Epoxy coatings are made up of two chemicals: epoxy resin and a hardener. The combination of these two compounds creates a durable and glossy finish. Epoxy coatings begin as a liquid coating that dries and hardens. Florida Epoxy specializes in providing the epoxy coating Fort Lauderdale businesses need to revamp their locations without breaking the bank. We have experience working with:

  • Commercial Restaurant Kitchens 
  • Service, Manufacturing Areas & Warehouses
  • Arenas & Arcades
  • Auto Repair Shops, Dealerships, & Paint Shops
  • Art Galleries
  • Airplane Hangars & Jet Hangars
  • Parking Decks
  • Retail Store Showrooms
  • Pharmaceutical, Medical & Veterinary Facilities
  • Kennels


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Benefits Of Epoxy Coatings

  1. Aesthetics. The clean and gloss finish of an epoxy coating is unlike any other product service. Epoxy coatings can smooth out cracks and crevices, leaving a flawless finish your customers will admire.
  2. Customizable. Our variety of colors and textures make picking the epoxy coatings Fort Lauderdale loves a no brainer!
  3. Long-Lasting. Epoxy coatings are resistant to chemical breakdown, abrasions, and massive impacts. No more cracked concrete floors that pose safety hazards. With our epoxy coatings, you won’t have to invest in another bed for years!
  4. Safe! Our Slip and damage resistant formula ensure your safety. Without the risk of cracking or damaging, you’ll be safer with an epoxy coating. We provide inspections on our layers coatings to ensure they are correctly laid and will not give you any problems down the road.
  5. Maintenance. Our coatings are easy to clean and require minimal maintenance efforts.

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Florida Epoxy Has the best equipment from Diamond grinders, shot blasters, scarifiers, generators to a large assortment of diamonds for grinding, polishing, and moving coatings. By working with us, you’ll be getting the best and fastest service Boward County has to offer. With a minimum two year warranty, you’ll rest assured knowing we have your back. We make our customers a priority and want to provide you with the best services. Call our visit us today! You won’t find a better epoxy flooring company in all of Fort Lauderdale.

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