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Florida Epoxy: Why Choose Us For Epoxy Coating In Pompano Beach?

Replacing a scuffed or damaged floor is considerably expensive. Irrespective of the floor’s damage, an epoxy coating Pompano Beach locals love is an affordable way to fix the damage and give the floor a glossy finish. We are the best in the Pompano Beach and Miami area, which is why Florida Epoxy stands out as the preferred choice when it comes to commercial epoxy flooring.

What Is An Epoxy Coating Pompano Beach Locals Swear By?

Two chemicals, a hardener and an epoxy resin make up epoxy coatings. This combination makes these compounds extra durable and gives them a glossy finish. In the beginning, commercial epoxy flooring appears as a coating of liquid that hardens and dries quickly. As a reliable and trustworthy service provider in Florida, we offer the best epoxy coatings that have helped multiple businesses revamp their locations without breaking the bank.

Do You Need Epoxy Floor Coating In Broward County?

What We Specialize In

We specialize in:

  • Service, manufacturing areas, and warehouses
  • Commercial restaurant kitchens
  • Auto repair shops, dealerships, and paint shops
  • Arenas & arcades
  • Art galleries
  • Parking decks
  • Airplane hangars & jet hangars
  • Retail store showrooms
  • Kennels
  • Pharmaceutical, veterinary, and medical facilities

Benefits Of Epoxy Coatings

  1. The epoxy coating comes with a unique style of gloss finishing unlike anything else you’ve seen. These can smooth the crevices and cracks, leaving a flawless finish in the end.
  2. Another great benefit of epoxy coats is that they can be easily customized using various patterns, blends, and colors. If you want, you can always add your company’s logo on the floor, thereby making your floor look appealing and attracting a more targeted audience.
  3. A wide range of textures and colors means there is something to fit everyone’s style.
  4. The coatings are resistant to breakdown by chemicals, massive impacts, and abrasions. The cracked concrete floors will no longer pose a threat, and for years, you will stay worry-free.
  5. Our epoxy coating comes with a formula that is slip-resistant for enhanced safety. Further, from time to time, inspections from our team is the assurance that the work is done correctly, and you can rest assured knowing that your team and clients are less likely to slip and fall. 
  6. Moreover, cleaning and maintaining these coatings are a straightforward process.

Why Choose Us?

We have all the right equipment, including shot blasters, diamond grinders, generators, and scarifiers for commercial epoxy flooring. We have never failed to provide the best services in the Pompano Beach and Miami area. Our top-notch services come with a guarantee of at least two years, which acts as an added assurance. Our priority is to provide everyone with nothing but high-quality services.

Contact Us

If you need proper assistance or the correct answer to your queries regarding commercial epoxy flooring, you can always call Florida Epoxy. Our experts will be happy to help you regarding epoxy coating Pompano Beach locals swear by. We proudly claim that you won’t be able to find any company better than us for epoxy coating. To learn more or to get started, connect with us today!

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