Flooring jobs are an art that can go wrong surprisingly fast. The floor renovation market is filled with novice flooring contractors that are bewildered by simple quality control protocols like measuring dew points. This market smog leaves businesses and home-owners alike embarrassed to invite people into their home. To cut through this harmful haze, Florida Epoxy flooring company pledges to rectify these wrongs with expert quality assurance. Unlike the majority of other epoxy flooring contractors in the Broward County area, here at Florida Epoxy we don’t perform standard grade jobs. We steer clear of the amateur mistakes that plague general flooring contractors and check all the boxes for high-caliber floor overhauls. 


Why Dew Point Measurement Is So Important

Quality epoxy jobs utilize resin to give an immaculate finish. This perfection only exists if the coat of resin is airtight and uncompromised. Residual humidity in cement or from the environment can turn what would have been a home-run into a walk of shame. Dew point measuring is a method of steering clear of this unassumingly destructive amount of water. Florida’s tropical weather is prone to relatively high humidity levels which can result in a haul of substandard epoxy jobs. In the epoxy flooring company business, the difference of having knowledge of dew point measuring and curing methods can largely affect flooring projects. As a top Epoxy flooring company, we specializes in dew point measurements to ensure quality returns on your investment.


What We Do As Epoxy Flooring Contractors

Our customers can rest assured because we know exactly how to refurbish, service, and recondition your floors. Be it an entire floor remodeling, or a shiny gloss over the floor; we’ll have your floors glossier than a spit-shined shoe and more even than Steven. Our epoxy jobs are exceptional even by the highest floor-servicing standards. The list of our most frequently requested services include:


  • Polished floors
  • Decorative concrete
  • Flooring installation
  • Garage flooring
  • Concrete contracting
  • Stained concrete


The epoxy jobs we provide have the potential to nearly double the perceived size of a room through sheer reflection. Whether you are looking for a calm pond water reflection or a subtle shine, as professional contractors, we have the know-how and precision to execute it. 


Contact Us

Our epoxy flooring company stands alone when compared to all the rest. We assure our clients that the floor project will be completed correctly and to their satisfaction. We loathe seeing uneven floor tiles or cracking resin and sigh in dismay at the sucker who paid for it. Don’t choose inexperienced epoxy flooring contractors and end up with floors that you don’t like. Contact us today to get the floors in your Broward County home evaluated and updated.

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