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Joint Filling

Expansion joint filler installation

The joint fillers are used to control the floor installation in place. It is nothing new and almost everyone knows about expansion joint fillers in Miami FL. The most common use of the joint fillers is seen on larger scale units such as driveways, roads, and sidewalks because they are in a constant use. Your floors can also be in a need of joint fillers because newly installed floors start contraction after some time. Joint fillers fill the gap between the floor slabs and make it water resistant and damage free.

Expansion joint filler in concrete slabs

The expansion joint fillers are flexible joint fillers mixed with urethane. These fillers basically work for the expansion in your concrete slabs. Whenever you install a concrete floor in your driveway or garage, the slabs slightly start to narrow down in space leaving expansion gaps. The control joint fillers cover the area so that no dirt or water can have access to go beneath the floor to damage it. These joint fillers are especially for interior gap filling used.

Joint filling in seamless floors

Floor installation services in Miami FL also offer joint fillers for seamless floors. When you install a seamless floor, there are apparently no joints because it is a poured at once epoxy floor. These floors start to make gaps from the corners where the floor meet the walls. The mixing properties of these joint fillers are almost the same as the epoxy material so it blends in with the floor easily by just applying it in the gaps.

Semi-rigid joint filler installation

The semi-rigid joint filler strips are for the heavyweight traffic areas such as busy roads because the slabs of concrete roads start to narrow down in space leaving filling gaps. These gaps can create difficulty for the drivers and the vehicles. These fillers are mostly used in commercial and industrial areas.