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About Us

The flooring of a property is the heart that brings the whole place together. Although often overlooked, you must know the coloring and textures of the material selected add impact on the overall aesthetic of the room. Make your property’s flooring more than a neglected underfoot space that speaks poorly of your business or home. Let us accompany you into completing your construction project by supplying the first-class commercial epoxy flooring that will have everyone in awe. We are Florida Epoxy Pros, and these are the reasons that have made us the best commercial epoxy flooring provider in Broward County.    

Choose Epoxy Flooring

When looking for coating options to cover the concrete floor of a property, epoxy resins stands out for:

  • Being easy to install, durable, and resistant to high traffic and heavy loads.
  • Offering a beautiful, smooth, and shiny glossy look that brightens the room.
  • Requiring little maintenance.
  • Providing resistance to chemical agents and pollutants, including oil.
  • Adding flexibility in the creation of unique and stylish pattern textures.

For those many advantages, project developers are continuing to switch to epoxy flooring to finish luxurious apartments, commercial properties, and industrial facilities.

You don’t have to imagine how good your place will look with an epoxy stone, an aggregate, or pebble flooring. Just give us a call and see the different textures we can offer!

Work with the Best Commercial Epoxy Flooring Provider in the Area

Besides providing fantastic flooring solutions for every room in the property, Florida Epoxy Pros additionally offers the most professional flooring installation services in Broward County.

The installation of an epoxy coating is not an impossible task, but it doesn’t mean it should be treated as a DIY project. Our personnel possesses the state-of-the-art techniques needed to complete the job in record time and with a finishing quality that’s become a standard of ours. We optimize resources, have the equipment, and materials that warrant a successful job.

Our reputation as the best provider in the area precedes us:

  • We give customized personal services.
  • We prepare quotes rapidly.
  • We offer affordable prices.
  • We have well-equipped, skillful, and knowledgeable epoxy specialists.

What Makes Us the Leaders in Epoxy Flooring

Our proficiency, quality, attention to detail, and excellent customer services are present in every project we execute! You won’t find a more committed staff in Broward County, that’s determined to provide the best flooring solution for your property.  

The vision and mission adopted by the company, joined by the continuous application of the latest resin technology, have ensured a steady growth that solidifies us as the leading provider in the area.

More than Epoxy Flooring

Apart from epoxy services, Florida Epoxy Pros can assist you in other projects:  

  • Polished floors.
  • Decorative concrete.
  • Flooring installation.
  • Garage flooring.
  • Concrete contracting.
  • Stained concrete.

Industries We Serve


Medical Veterinary

Manufacturing Areas


Art Galleries

Parking Decks

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Looking for commercial epoxy flooring that is durable, easy-to-maintain, and affordable? We have the best options for you! Contact us today to receive personalized assistance. We are Florida Epoxy, the epoxy flooring solutions leaders in Broward County!

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