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Shot blasting your concrete or metal floor will bring a variety of benefits to your floor. Whether you’re trying to prepare it for a paint job, epoxy installation, or want it to look brand new again, shot blasting is an effective and quick process. At Florida Epoxy, we have a team of professionals that specialize in shot blasting your floor. If you’re looking for quality shot blasting in Miami or Palm Beach County, contact Florida Epoxy today!

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How Can Shot Blasting Prepare Your Commercial Epoxy Floor?

Over time, a concrete floor will start to show its age and lose its appeal. What used to be a beautiful and shiny floor is now stained and grimy everywhere. You’ll be wondering why there are road streets with potholes that look better than your concrete floor.

The good news is you don’t have to settle for that dirty look anymore, and you won’t have to spend the time, money, and headache to get it completely redone. A quality shot blasting job can do the trick in just one visit.

Shot blasting is effective at pulling up any stains and debris that you thought couldn’t be removed before. While it’ll also strip any paint, shot blasting will leave you with a spotless concrete floor that resembles what it looked like after the initial installation.

Many people will prefer shot blasting right before they install their commercial epoxy floor since you need a clean surface to work on. Whether it’s epoxy or ordinary paint, it will also stick better and longer when installed on a new surface.

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At Florida Epoxy, we have one goal when shot blasting for our clients — get your floor looking brand new again. We understand how effective it is and make it a mission to spread the word about its benefits.

Shot blasting shouldn’t be confused with sandblasting. The process will involve shooting steel beads at the floor to pull up any dirt, debris, and paint that’s been left there for too long. The equipment comes in two different forms — one that you walk next to while it’s operating and one that you sit on.

Essentially, you can think of shot blasting as a personal Zamboni for your concrete floor. We all love how fresh the ice looks right before a hockey period begins. That’s what shot blasting will do for your floor.

One of the things most people adore about shot blasting is the lack of cleanup needed. Without the massive dust and debris flying everywhere, as most jobs require, you can have this process completed without the distraction to you and your family. In no time, you’ll be ready to install your commercial epoxy floor.

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Whether you’re the type of person that looks at their concrete floor with a disgusted look or the kind that thinks nothing of it, you’d be surprised at what shot blasting can do. It can instantly make the entire space look more elegant than it has looked in years.

If you’re looking for quality shot blasting in Miami, you’ve come to the right place. Our team of professionals is ready to bring life back into your concrete floor. We help clients all over Palm Beach County and can’t wait to assist you! Contact us today for a quote on your next project!

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