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Shot Blasting

Shot blasting services in Miami FL

Shot blasting services in Miami FL

Shot blasting is a very commonly used method of leveling the epoxy floor or preparing a concrete floor for treatment. Shot blasting concrete treatment is mostly used in the industrial or commercial environment. It is also used to level the surface of roads and driveways. The shot blasting method is an old one and there are many services in Miami FL who can help you in concrete shot blasting, grinding, or steel shot blasting. Shot blasting treatment can remove 1mm of epoxy and 2 to 3mm screed concrete to balance the level of your floors.

Shot blasting concrete

Shot blasting technique is rarely seen for any residential floor leveling because it leaves a roughness in the floor. Such type of shot blasted floors are ideal for the rough use such as driveways of industries where heavy loaded trucks are to be used or busy traffic roads. Clean and smooth surfaced roads are unsuitable for vehicles due to increased risk of tire slipping. The shot lasting services in Miami FL use shot blasters which are walk-behind machines to remove extra mortar from the floors to level them. Wheel blasting and air blasting are also the techniques used in shot blasting.

Steel shot blasting

Steel shot blasting is a metallic shot technique for a sleek, shiny and glossy finish to the floors. The steel shot blasters consist of angular and round metallic shots. The smaller the shot is the smoother the finish. The steel shot blasting is mostly used for floor cleanup, polishing, and coating.


Grinding is a new method for resurfacing and preparing the floors and walls for further treatment or paint. Grinding machines are used to grind the extra levels of epoxy or concrete in the floor and gives a gloss finish to the floor so that it can become easier to clean.