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DelRay Beach is home to world-famous beaches, beautiful golf courses, and historic attractions. However, Florida is a very warm and humid state (not to mention the regular threat of hurricanes), and having a hot damp climate all year round can end up bringing a lot of wear and tear to buildings in the Delray Beach area. One fantastic solution to these flooring problems is high-quality epoxy flooring! Epoxy flooring offers a floor coating that is able to serve pretty much any need that you may have, both aesthetically and practically, whether it’s a sleek, appealing, and easy-to-clean floor, or a durable, chemical resistant, and less abrasive floor. Headquartered in Miami, Florida Epoxy has been serving the Epoxy needs of our DelRay Beach community for many years, and also services the Palm Beach County area. Call Florida Epoxy to find out more about Epoxy flooring Delray Beach business owners love today!

We Provide Epoxy Flooring Delray Beach Residents Love

The experience that our firm has servicing the Epoxy needs of DelRay Beach business has taught us pretty much everything about the business, from what to go wrong and how to prepare for it to knowing what kind of floor Epoxy will fit your business the best. There are several different needs that floor Epoxy work is able to meet, and its multi-function usage is a great benefit of this type of flooring. Epoxy flooring is great for hospitals and medical centers that need floor coatings which are easy to clean and disinfect, for warehouses and airplane hangars where they need a durable floor not afraid of chemical skills and won’t be affected by heavy machinery, and also for a regular commercial business that wants an aesthetically appealing floor that is also able to accommodate a lot of foot traffic. Florida Epoxy has done work that meets all of these needs, and we are highly knowledgeable about addressing these needs in detail with our excellent customer service!

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Our firm offers work in both resinous and concrete flooring jobs, both of which are very popular with industrial services and commercial businesses. Our job is to make sure that there is a proper Epoxy floor coating, sealing, and installation. Moreover, we can incorporate artistic designs, which is a perfect choice if you’re looking to make your space unique. Some of our other services also include shot blasting to prepare concrete floors for different treatments or to level an Epoxy floor, waterproofing services for your floor, and more. Waterproofing your floors can be great for the rainy Florida weather patterns! Our Epoxy flooring installation and other services are finished smoothly and quickly, and we are committed to total transparency so that you are aware of every stage of the process. We want your floros to be what you want them to be!

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Florida Epoxy provides Epoxy flooring Delray Beach business owners love! Headquartered in Miami, we also service the Palm Beach County area. Call Florida Epoxy for your Epoxy flooring needs today!

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