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A durable, attractive floor is a good foundation for any business. That’s why Florida Epoxy offers a wide range of epoxy and concrete flooring services to help enhance businesses all over Broward county. In need of a new floor, but unsure where to start? We pretty much do it all! Whether you’re looking for coating, sealing, plain or artistic designs, textured and non-slip surfaces, and so much more, we can help you out. Check out our website to learn why we’re the epoxy flooring Miami area businesses trust most.

The Perfect Floor for Your Business

We make floors for many different types of industries. Food services. Health care. Warehouses. Kennels. Retail. Art Galleries. We’ve done it all, because we offer a wide variety of services so that you get the floor that is perfect for your business.
Florida Epoxy helps you with every step along the way, from planning out and customizing your new floor (choose from a variety of colors and finishes) to installation to repairs.

Specifically, we offer resinous and concrete flooring options, waterproofing options, shot blasting (used to level an epoxy floor or prepare a concrete floor for treatment), and joint filling (used to keep concrete slabs from cracking, instead allowing them to flex as they expand and retract with temperature changes).

So what, exactly, is the advantage of an epoxy floor? There are tons of benefits. Here’s a few:

Durability & Strength

Epoxy floors last longer and are much more resistant to wear and tear, damage and chemical breakdown, making them perfect for spaces that have heavy workloads involving machinery and chemicals.

Easy Install, Easy Clean

Epoxy floors can be installed in no time, and, because of their smooth, non-porous surface, they can also be cleaned in no time. Which means you’ll be saving time at every stage.

Aesthetic & Brightness

Often, epoxy floors are pretty glossy, which can come in handy for enhancing your space’s lighting. The smooth, glossy texture is also very satisfying to many people, and your floor can come in a number of different colors and textures, for whatever suits your business’ needs.

Safety & Maintenance

As we mentioned before, your epoxy floor will be an easy clean. In turn, this will cause less wear on your machinery, allowing it to last longer and operate safely. And though they’re known for their glossy appearance, epoxy floors are incredibly resistant to slippage, temperature damage, extreme impacts, and even fire. So you, your employees, and your equipment will all be safer.

Go Green

Instead of installing an entirely new flooring, save on construction materials waste will a simple epoxy flooring installation.

Epoxy Flooring Miami Companies Come to First

We believe that epoxy floors are beneficial to any business, anywhere, but they are especially so here in Broward county. It’s no secret that Florida— South Florida in particular— sees a lot of rain, storms, and even hurricanes, which can lead to all kinds of water damage, and sometimes flooding. That’s why many of our local customers opt for our waterproofing services, so that it’s one less thing to worry about when disaster hits.

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Florida Epoxy has worked with dozens of industries to give them the flooring that perfectly fits their business needs. Many companies trust us to deliver safe, attractive, epoxy flooring Miami, Broward county, and beyond has counted on again and again. Ready for your new floor? Call us now!

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