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Invest In The Best Commercial Kitchen Flooring In Florida

Proper flooring is an essential feature of any kitchen. It must be able to withstand the toll of daily operations and need to be easy to clean so that you can stay in accordance with laws and regulations. A dirty and broken floor can not only cause you to get into legal trouble but can also affect the quality of your food and potentially inhibit your employees from efficiently getting their jobs done. That is why Florida Epoxy is here to provide you with all your commercial kitchen flooring needs. Located in Miami, Florida, we service many different counties including Broward County. We’ll provide you with a floor that is seamless, hygienic, and easy to clean.

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Why Industrial Seamless Flooring

Our seamless coated floorings are extremely easy to clean as they make it so there’s nowhere dirt and bacteria can hide. Proper sanitation is essential for any place where food is being prepped and messy spills are very common in crowded kitchens. Even the best-trained team in the world makes mistakes here and there. That said, our coatings are also slip-resistant, meaning your equipment and employees are far less likely to be slipping or moving around unwanted. The coating also makes your floors stronger and more durable so they can handle the constant traffic of people and heavy-duty equipment like ovens, stoves, and freezers. Lastly, our floors are long-lasting, meaning you won’t have to worry about renovating every couple of years. Our two-year warranty on most jobs will protect you even if there is some unforeseen cause that damages your floors, so it won’t cost you anything to have it repaired.

Why Us?

Our team of professionals has worked with all types of epoxy flooring for many years. We’ve gotten the science of flooring down pact as we know every trick in the book and all the pitfalls and common mistakes to watch out for. We are dedicated to doing all our jobs quickly and professionally so you can spend as little time closed as possible so you’re not losing out on customers and sales. We provide a two year warranty on most jobs we complete, and for an additional fee, we can extend that warranty so that you’ll have nothing to worry about. Additionally, we are certified with the manufacturers Sika, General Polymers, Flowcrete, Koster, Euclid, BASF, Key Resin, Polymeric, Polyspec, and Tennant.

Where Commercial Kitchen Flooring Is Best Suited For

These floors are perfect for areas where you cut or grind meat, perform debonings, or keep ovens as they’re easy to clean and won’t let equipment slide. For these same reasons, they’re also incredibly useful for canning, pickling, and bottling lines. These floors are resistant to chemical breakdown so that they’re perfect for janitorial closets or areas where chemicals are stored. Their ability to be easily sanitized means they’re also great for kill rooms, meat lockers, and areas where milk is produced and pasteurized.

The Best Commercial Kitchen Flooring

We provide three types of basic flooring options, epoxy, acrylic, and polyurethane. We’ll complete the construction, coating, and sealing of all your floors. If you already have a concrete floor, we can do the prep required before the coating can be done. It’s essential you prep your floors prior to coating or you might just end up needing to do it over again. As part of the prep process, we’ll first closely inspect your floor to make sure it’s capable of even receiving a coating, then we’ll thoroughly clean it before profiling the floor and finally fixing any imperfections and defects that might be present in the concrete. Other prep we do includes diamond grinding, shot blasting, scarifying, and ride on scraping. For our epoxy flooring, we can also provide your floor with a diverse range of designs and patterns that you can choose from. This way your floor can be a little more unique to your business.

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Located in Miami we serve many different counties in Florida including Broward County. We pride ourselves on our quality customer service, high-end products, and our well trained and experienced installers. No matter how unique the space, we can custom design a floor that will give you everything you need for your business. Whether you’re in need of epoxy concrete flooring, resinous flooring, joint filling, shot blasting, waterproofing, or concrete services we have you covered. If you’re looking for the best commercial kitchen flooring in all Florida, call Florida Epoxy today. We can answer any questions you may have or can provide you with an estimate. Don’t wait any longer to have the floors your kitchen needs to succeed.

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