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Why Is Epoxy Floor Coating Important? 

If you own a warehouse, shop, gallery, garage, or showroom that utilizes a concrete floor, you’ve likely considered different ways to transform the look of it. As beneficial as concrete is, many people aren’t too fond of the dull, grey look it provides. Luckily, applying an epoxy floor coating to the surface can give it that shiny, expensive look you’ve been waiting for — in addition to a variety of other benefits. If you’re interested in making this change, Florida Epoxy has a team of professionals that Broward County residents trust.

What Is Epoxy ?

An epoxy coating will involve two different components — a clear resin and a hardener. When these two are combined, they will form a liquid that will eventually cure and create a surface that is both elegant and durable. It won’t replace your floor, but rather enhance it and give it that “spark” that grabs everyone’s attention.

Epoxy coating has been around for over a century now, first being introduced in the early 1900s and finally being patented in 1936. In today’s society, epoxy coating has a variety of uses, including the manufacturing of floor coating, plastics, paints, and adhesives.

Do You Need Epoxy Floor Coating In Broward County?

Benefits of Epoxy Floors

When you had your concrete floor installed, you likely weren’t planning on the massive amount of dirt, debris, cracks, and imperfections that come with it. Applying an epoxy coat to your floor or deck can help you prevent many of the downsides to concrete. 

Let’s take a look at some of the significant benefits that come with an epoxy floor:

  1. Stylish Look – an epoxy floor can come in a variety of colors and patterns, but one of the things people love most is the glossy look it provides. It’ll look much more elegant than the rough gray look. 
  2. Easy to Maintain – one of the great things about an epoxy floor is that it is stain, temperature, and chemical-resistant and has a smooth surface similar to glass, making it easy to wipe off dirt and debris. 
  3. Extremely Durable – an epoxy floor will thrive in high-traffic areas, especially when heavy machinery is involved. The hard surface will help prevent cracks and will keep its elegant look much longer than a standard concrete floor. 

If you’re looking to get the most out of your concrete floor, applying an epoxy coating will immediately give you, your employees, and customers the satisfaction you need.

Do You Need an Expert Installer?

At Florida Epoxy, we have a highly trained team of professionals that take great pride in their work. We know that not all concrete is adequately prepared and ready for a coating, so we make sure to thoroughly analyze the situation to avoid any mistakes down the road. With us, you’ll get to enjoy your new floor in no time!

We have over $500,000 in state-of-the-art equipment that helps us move quickly and efficiently when applying your floor. If you’re in Palm Beach County and are looking to enhance your concrete floor, contact Florida Epoxy today. One of our professionals will give you an accurate quote to get started with your epoxy floor coating. You won’t receive a better experience anywhere else in the area!

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