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Is your business in need of a new floor? Maybe your floors are damaged or dingy? Well, we’ve got the solution: epoxy floors! An epoxy floor coating gives your floor brand new life, with a shiny, aesthetic appeal that is easy to install, easy to clean, and hard to damage. That’s why many Fort Lauderdale businesses have chosen to work with Florida Epoxy for their new, sturdy floors, from the lead epoxy installation company in the South Florida area. We also do a variety of other floor treatments and services to give you the best floor possible! Get the epoxy Fort Lauderdale trusts. Call now.

Why Epoxy Makes the Perfect Floor For Your Business

First developed in the early 1900s, epoxy floor coatings comprise of two different components: a clear resin and a hardener. These two components are combined into a liquid that cures onto the surface of your floor, leaving behind an elegant, yet highly durable surface. Your Florida Epoxy floor surface can be customized with a variety of features depending on your business’ needs. For example retail stores or restaurants might opt for a colorful, artistic design in their floor job, while kennels and medical centers may benefit from different textures that strengthen grip and reduce slips. Epoxy flooring is perfect for pretty much any industry your business belongs to.
Epoxy floor coating comes with many benefits. For one, it is very quick and easy to install, and even quicker and easier to clean. This means that your floors will also be highly sanitary. Epoxy floors are also extremely strong, able to withstand damage from impacts and chemicals. Lastly, because of all this, installing epoxy floors saves on construction materials and costs, and last a long time, making them a greener option, helping your business, and the planet.

Epoxy coating has been around for over a century now, first being introduced in the early 1900s and finally being patented in 1936. In today’s society, epoxy coating has a variety of uses, including the manufacturing of floor coating, plastics, paints, and adhesives.

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Many businesses of many industries throughout the Fort Lauderdale area trust Florida Epoxy to enhance their floors. This is because epoxy resin floors are highly versatile, bringing benefits to a variety of different business environments. Just a few of the industries we have worked with include restaurants, hospitals, car dealerships, and warehouses.
One of the other services we offer is waterproofing, which can be crucial to Fort Lauderdale businesses, for a number of reasons. Firstly, here in South Florida, we weather through a good number of hurricanes and storms each year. This of course can cause flooding, rain damage, leaks, and more. Fort Lauderdale also happens to be a major locale for boating and fishing, and many of our businesses here cater to this. So whether it is due to disaster, job, or hobby, our floors see a lot of water, and it’s important to be prepared. That’s why Fort Lauderdale trusts Florida Epoxy to protect their businesses with waterproofing.

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Don’t just get new flooring. Get the epoxy Fort Lauderdale businesses have raved about. Florida Epoxy works with businesses owners of all kinds, bringing them the floors and floor treatments that will enhance their business. Get a quote on your new floor today! Call now.

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