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In Broward County, summer means having fun at the beach, taking strolls on the boardwalk, and relaxing under the sun. We’re lucky to live and work so close to the ocean, but it does mean that every July, business owners are plagued by sand. It manages to get into every nook and cranny of your floor, and no matter how much you sweep, you find grains sprinkled throughout your offices and warehouses. What’s one way to fix that problem? Try epoxy flooring Deerfield Beach style. It’s easy to clean, and it maintains a fresh look for far longer than other floors. Getting construction done in your business can be intimidating, though. Let Florida Epoxy Pros guide you through the process!

If You’re Looking For Epoxy Flooring Deerfield Beach Has A Contractor Right Around The Corner!

Florida Epoxy Pros gives you a high-quality product with small business experience. Our friendly staff is ready to walk you through any questions you have about your floor construction. It’s a big project! While others simply coat concrete, we offer many customization options and other services to make your floor stand out. Want your store’s front to pop? Pick a bright color to bring your place some zest. Want to make a statement? You can add your logo to your floor, perfectly preserved through whatever sand gets tracked in. Want to get that just-polished look? Pick a higher sheen to keep your floors looking sparkling clean. We use the newest technology in resin production to ensure a gorgeous finish for any job!

Do You Need Epoxy Floor Coating In Broward County?

Epoxy Floors Are Great For Any Business

Everyone knows that epoxy floors are a boon to warehouses: they’re easy to clean, simple to maintain, and durable enough to handle lifts rolling around every day. Epoxy floors aren’t just for industrial zones, though! Lots of local businesses are switching to epoxy floors nowadays. We install beautiful and easy-to-maintain floors from art galleries to arcades. Your floor says a lot about your business. Say you own a restaurant by the coast. With epoxy floors, you can get a subtle and elegant ground that can withstand spills, chair scrapes, and sandal tracks in your business. The visual effect of an epoxy floor will elevate your work’s aesthetic and wow your customers with minimal effort.

The Sanitation Benefits

Right now, everyone is concerned with protecting their customers with new sanitation protocols. Uneven floors, like tile or wood, can capture germs in their little nooks and crannies. We use a premier topcoat that maximizes the effectiveness of your end of the night chores. These are challenging times for everyone, but you can rest assured knowing that you have a sturdy, safe, and reliable floor to offer your clients.

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