A stylish trend for interior decor is utilizing the minimalistic beauty of concrete floors in kitchens or even living rooms. These floors are sleek, chic, and perfect for modern designs, but there are some important factors to consider. At Florida Epoxy, we have experience handling epoxy concrete floor designs, as well as offering concrete restoration contractors for homeowners with existing concrete flooring, and we’d like to share some tips we have on the matter. We are located in Palm Beach County.

Factors of Concrete Floors to Consider

The first thing that’s important to note about concrete floors is that it’s a time-consuming process. Unlike other flooring options, the process isn’t complete once the flooring has been laid down. For concrete, it must be poured, cured, and then other steps may be necessary depending on what you want with your flooring. Here are the factors that can contribute to how quickly the process can be completed:

  • Size
    • Naturally, smaller rooms will take less time than larger ones when it comes to how long it takes to complete the task.
  • Complexity
    • Concrete floors can have a wide variety of design options. Options like staining, or decorative sawcuts can be implemented for different effects on your floor, and each of these can take more time.
  • Accessibility
    • How accessible the room is can also make a difference in the time it takes to complete the project. A basement, for example, can have the added hurdle of getting the concrete and tools down into the basement that may not seem like much but will eat up more hours.
  • Existing Floor Condition
    • The condition of the existing floor is a major factor, as well as if it must be removed or repaired.
  • Surface Protection
    • An important step to laying out a concrete floor is protecting other surfaces like walls, and this can eat up more time going through to protect everything.
  • Dry Times Between Steps
    • Between every step and every stain, the floor must dry completely before anyone can move on to the next step. The more complex you want your floor, the more steps there will be and more dry time you’ll have to take.

Even a simple floor can take days worth of time to complete. You may be looking at a couple days, or perhaps even a week depending on the complexity of the floor you have in mind.

The Value of an Epoxy Concrete Floor

The process of getting a concrete floor may be a long one with many complicated steps depending on the visual you have for your home, but that’s not to say it’s without benefits. Concrete floors are beautiful, modern ways to make your home stand out. They’re also durable, easy to maintain, versatile in application, and last a long time. If this is something you want in your home, the important this is to expect the time it will take to install and prepare for the transition. If that’s done adequately, all will go as smoothly as the concrete itself.

Contact Us for More Info, or for Concrete Restoration Contractors

Whether you’re looking to install an epoxy concrete floor for the first time, or you’re looking to repair your existing concrete floor with the help of concrete restoration contractors, Florida Epoxy is here to help. We can provide epoxy services throughout Palm Beach County. If you are interested in these services, or have more questions about concrete floors, contact us today to learn more.

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