The best thing about a polished concrete floor is that it is so easily maintained! These kinds of floors don’t need any complicated or intense treatment plans to make sure that they lead long, healthy lives. Polished concrete floors come with many different benefits, which is why they have become some of most in-demand flooring systems. Not only are concrete polish floors extremely affordable, but they are very easy to manage. Read on to learn more about some simple ways to maintain your concrete flooring! Epoxy coating is a perfect compliment to concrete flooring, as it protects from chemicals, spills, and heavy foot traffic. Florida Epoxy is a top provider of commercial epoxy flooring in Palm Beach County. Call Florida Epoxy at our Miami headquarters for your epoxy flooring needs today!


Ways To Maintain Your Concrete Polish Flooring


Here are some ways to keep your concrete floors polished and without a crack that integrates into your daily life without any hassle:

  • Soft mops are the best choice when clearing your surface of any dust or debris that could be harmful for your floor. Dust and things like that may also dull the shine of your floors if too much is accumulated. 
  • Daily sweeping is a hygienic suggestion to assist in minimizing possible allergies and controlling the spread of dirt throughout the business or home.
  • When mopping or cleaning, it’s key to not use acidic or harsh cleaners that will ruin the shine of your concrete flooring. Neutral floor cleaners are a better option than using only water, especially if your floor sees high levels of foot traffic on a daily basis.
  • Even though your concrete floors won’t absorb any of the spills, you should still immediately clean any irt os spill after the act has happened. Cleaning spills up on the spot helps to avoid hazards. 
  • Even though concrete floors help to isolate debris and are resistant to dust, it’s important to let your neutral cleaners have enough time on the surface of your floor to clean them properly. Owners often make a mistake and don’t let their cleaners soak for long enough.


Commercial Epoxy Flooring Maintenance Tips

  • Don’t scrub a specific area too vigorously, as it can harm the coating of your surface and leave uneven patches of shine-less concrete (unless you have epoxy coating)
  • When it’s time to restore your concrete floor, get a professional to make sure that you are taking advantage of all the benefits a polished concrete floor provides.


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Polished concrete floors are long-lasting and can be engineered to fit your specific needs. While the majority of floors need intense treatments and constant repairs over the years, concrete flooring has the benefit of being fairly straightforward to maintain, especially when paired with epoxy flooring. However, it’s important to have regular maintenance on your concrete floors, and it’s just as important to have a professional install your concrete polish floors to achieve the optimal effect. Florida Epoxy is a top provider of commercial epoxy flooring in the Palm Beach County area. Call Florida Epoxy for your epoxy flooring needs at our Miami headquarters today!

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