Most metal-based and metal-backed industries use some form of shot blasting or other kinds of methods. These methods include construction, automotive, foundry, shipbuilding, and railway transportation. Shot blasting on its own is a critical component of the fabrication process. The process results in a smooth, clean finish, which enables quick welding. Read on to learn more about shot blasting and what to look for in a quality shot blasting job. Florida Epoxy is an epoxy flooring company Broward County trusts. Call Florida Epoxy at our Miami headquarters for your epoxy flooring needs today!


What To Look For In Shot Blasting 


Using a shot blasting machine on metal results in a keyed surface that is easy to paint on. Shot blasting is used on steel the majority of the time, as the shot is fired at the steel surface to get rid of dirt, rust, corrosion, and mill scale. At the end, the steel surface is left with a rough texture, which accepts welding easily. The shot hits the surface and creates a pitting pattern for paint to stick to easily. This assists with better protection and the improved longevity of a component. Metal that has been shot blasted features an excellent finish that is ideal for continuous, reliable bonding between metal surfaces. There are two main kinds of shot blasting:

  • Air blasting- Air blasting involves propelling an abrasive shot using pressure from compressed air. The recycling system, dust collector, and abrasive blasting pot all work together inside a shot blasting room. The shot blasting machine works to shovel and sweep the rough shot into the pot following the firing process. This continues the cycle in order to reclaim floors and reuse abrasive shot to clean metal surfaces. 
  • Wheel blasting- When it comes to wheel blasting, electric energy is converted to kinetic energy through how the wheel rotates. It results in a propulsion of abrasive media onto the surface which needs cleaning. Wheel blasting is an airless operation, and there is no air, gas, or liquid used.


Epoxy Floor Company Explains Shot Blasting


There are certain features of a good shot blasting room to be aware of:

  • The blast pot- It needs to be of the proper configuration (nozzle and hose), capacity (is able to comfortably hold 4-7 cubic feet of abrasive medi), portability, and construction quality.
  • Dust clearing- The shot blasting room needs to contain easy dust abatement methods like filters and fans. The dust abatement system is separate from the abrasive reclamation system.
  • Excellent media reclamation- High-pressure and low-volume intakes are used by these systems to propel spent media, dust, and debris out of the shot blasting room.
  • Safety gear- The ideal hot blasting room should have professional-quality safety clothing and equipment, consisting of a helmet, air filtration, and a respirator. 
  • Handles wear and tear well- Certain parts of your room has to be able to handle abrasive material being blasted at them.


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