The continued exposition of construction materials to environmental elements and climatic factors cause the degradation and corrosion of the finished product, lowering its resistance and durability over time, regardless of the commanding effort put out by the team behind its implantation. Not even the most used construction material for civil structures, like is the case of concrete, escape this reality. Fortunately, in Broward County, there are reputable concrete restoration contractors, such as Florida Epoxy, doing extraordinary work to mend the pass of time and inclement weather conditions in architectural structures and flooring, using an innovative concrete floor sealer and coating techniques that will make the damaged construction look brand new.


What Is Concrete Restoration and When Is it Needed?

Concrete restoration is the field of the construction work devoted to refurbishing the deteriorating conditions of a concrete-built flooring or structure impacted by: 

  • Environmental exposure, 
  • Seismic damage, 
  • Heavy structural loads,
  • Corrosion by chemical exposure, and 
  • Insufficient reinforcement.


Beginning a concrete restoration job is necessary when upon the performance of detailed inspection, the concrete-based structure or flooring shows signs of partial crumbling, crackings, and collapsing, in spite of remaining stable and unwavering to the eye.


Overlooking a concrete failure could lead to accidents and loses. There relies the importance of treating it as a significant safety issue to solve quickly.   


Why Is the Concrete Floor Sealer of Critical Use in a Restoration Project? 

Today, performing a concrete restoration project commands the use of concrete sealer, a chemical substance (epoxy/urethane or acrylic resins) applied to the (concrete) material to protect it from surface damage and corrosion, ultimately increasing the total lifespan of the flooring. 


The sealer has become a critical material in restoration projects because it manages to efficiently block the concrete’s pores from damaging water particles and salty components. Depending on the flooring or structure to restore, the sealer might be of topical or penetrating appliance. An experienced contractor will know which one is better for the specific project. 


Asking for Assistance Is the First Step to Restore Your Flooring

Avoiding full concrete failure demands immediate action. Therefore, the first step needed to be taken is calling specialized concrete restoration contractors to professionally assess the existing damage and give you their quotation to restore the flooring, highlighting the items involved to get the job done:

  • Materials needed and transporting conditions, 
  • Men-hours required to complete the job and schedule,
  • Federal and local regulations to handle the job,
  • Budget to complete the restoration.  


Choosing the Right Contractor Is Essential for the Restoration Project

The success of the restoration project undoubtedly relies on the professionalism, expertise, and trustworthy involvement of a knowledgeable contractor. 


The contractor is in charge of providing high-performance and versatile solutions to the problem, without compromising the final quality of the restored flooring and overspending the original budget.     


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