Have you had your concrete floor laid and coated? Maybe you’ve been thinking about having the floor redone, and you don’t know who offers the best products for coating. We at Florida Epoxy promise that we have the best products and know-how when it comes to floor care. We sell a line of floor coating and sealing products that comply with Federal and local Palm Beach County VOC regulations. We’re the best flooring contractors. Florida Epoxy installs for architects, contractors, and building managers and owners. We meet the needs of whatever our employer needs. Each client has their taste and style that some contractors can’t uphold. At Florida Epoxy, we get the work done, and we get it done on time. The types of coats we offer are versatile, and they will last long. Our finish options range from smooth to high-gloss coatings that don’t sacrifice non-slip footing. We craft our primers, coats, tops, and sealers, to fit the need of whatever you’d like your flooring to be. Because we care, we tailor our products to meet your needs. If you require something very niche, and we don’t have it, then we’ll craft it for you. We do this because we want you to understand our values. When you’re our client, you’re our neighbor.


Industries We Work With and The Service We Offer.

We work with restaurant warehouses, recreation facilities such as arcades, dealerships, art galleries, and many more. The services we offer include resinous flooring, joint filling, shot blasting, and more. Florida Epoxy’s epoxy resin flooring is a great way to attract customers and business partners. Nothing is more welcoming than a shiny floor. Our floor will leave the impression that someone worked hard on it. Let’s say you had a grocery store, and your floor didn’t have epoxy, people would draw an impact on the quality of the store directly from that. You could miss out on valuable customers because your floor isn’t up to par with your competition. Palm Beach County has plenty of competition in all businesses, so let us be the ones to make your business shine.


Our Flooring Contractors Receive More Than Just a Service

Florida Epoxy understands that you want to make a lasting investment with us. So with our service, we offer free information. Visit our blog for more details. Here we’ll help you make your concrete floor last. Afterall there’s no better concrete restoration company than Florida Epoxy. When it comes to making your floors last, there are only a few key things that you need to know. Don’t allow any standing liquids to lay around. Don’t use ammonia-based cleaning products such a Pine Soil on your floor. Don’t use any acids, treated dust mops, and don’t use harsh scrubbing brushes. Our concrete restoration company handles this like a car. There is routine maintenance that needs to be kept up.


Call Florida Epoxy Today

We have even more knowledge and information to offer you. Flooring contractors don’t get any better than us. Florida Epoxy in Palm Beach County is the place for flooring. We tailor our products to fit your needs, so call us today for the best concrete restoration company, or visit our contact page.

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