After a long and strenuous shift, your kitchen staff will appreciate having kitchen floors that are low maintenance and easy to clean- and while they are working their shifts, your staff will also appreciate the safety and durability of quality flooring. This is why so many restaurants use Florida Epoxy floor coating, as many restaurants who use our epoxy kitchen floor installation are able to see marked increases in staff morale and efficiency, as well as in safety! Kitchens are environments where the floor is worn hard, and Florida Epoxy has epoxy flooring installations that are able to be quickly and easily installed while always adhering to extremely high quality standards, including all state and local health regulations and codes. Read on to learn more about why you should get Florida Epoxy’s epoxy flooring installation for your commercial restaurant kitchen! Florida Epoxy is a top provider of epoxy coatings in Broward County. Call Florida Epoxy today for your epoxy needs!


Why You Should Choose Us


There are many reasons why Florida Epoxy is known for our epoxy floor coating. Here are a few! First of all, our epoxy coating for kitchen floors is extremely easy to clean. Our epoxy flooring is waterproof and provides a non-porous surface that will be simple to clean for your hard-working staff. Say goodbye to continuous scrubbing, and when used together with our other epoxy floor care products, dirt and grime are very easy to remove. Simply utilize a deck brush to agitate the cleaner, and dislodge the dirt from the floor. You can then chase the used cleaner off of the floor with fresh water and a squeegee. This process takes mere minutes and will make sure that your floors are staying sparking clean and sanitary for long periods of time. Moreover, not only are our floors seamless and easy to clean but they can be installed tight to the drains and up the walls in order to form a cove base, so that there will be zero crevices for unsanitary food particles and insects to hide. Our Florida Epoxy kitchen floor installation provides protection that goes deep- from top to bottom and everywhere in-between. This means that your epoxy flooring will be able to fight staining, mold, fungus, and foul odors for years after your installation!


Use Our Epoxy Kitchen Floor Installation


Florida Epoxy’s kitchen floor installation will last you a long time. This is because our unique formula will allow floors to seep into the concrete or wood substrate while curing, making it all part of the sub-floor. Your restaurant kitchen flooring will not crack and peel apart, because our floors are not as hard and brittle. Moreover, your floors will have great chemical resistance against animal fats, grease, oil, many acids, alkali, sugar, blood, urine, salt, and harsh detergents and de-greasers. 


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Florida Epoxy’s epoxy kitchen floor coating will last you many years and will stand up to hard wear and tear. Call Florida Epoxy in Broward County for your epoxy kitchen floor coating today!

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